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Tangible & Intangible Benefits

Customers in the driver’s seat
Training program covers not only usage of the system but also the technicals / internals. With just a single IT person in house, the customer can remain in full control of the product, now and in the future and not helplessly dependent on the software provider for his growing needs.

Low risk of obsolescence
The industry abounds with examples of proprietary software (from even billion dollar companies) being killed overnight by predatory takeovers, not to mention of small software houses closing shop overnight. On the other hand, there are many individuals / companies in the open source community who are continuously releasing upgrades & add ons for this product.

Multiple layers of support
Our training program ensures that the in house team is equipped to provide the 1st layer of support. Back up support is provided by Dassou Software (both on line and on site) while an additional layer of support can be availed through the internet from the world open source community.

Low total cost of ownership
No heavy licensing costs as most of the software is open source / free.




Other Benefits

- Integrated and reliable Information as and when required.

- Better control and management of operations.

- Informed decision making and management by objectives and alerts.

- Savings in clerical labor.

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