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Extelligence BI solutions can provide better insight into your organization's performance and help you improve your decision making process. Your intelligence can now extend across all functions of your organization including:

  • Sales
  • Production
  • Inventory
  • Payroll

Business Intelligence Tools
Extelligence provides an integrated suite of tools to collect and analyze your organzation's data. The suite consists of the following tools:

  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Ad hoc Reports
  • Interactive OLAP Cubes
  • ETL Tools

Interactive Dashboards
Dashboards are collections of logically related reports organized on a single web page. The charts and reports in a dashboard are hyperlinked and allow you to navigate between summary and detailed data.

Ad hoc Reports
Ad hoc Reports give you the flexibility and convenience of customizing reports to your individual requirements whenever you wish without having to depend on tech support.

Interactive OLAP Cubes
Extelligence decision cubes enable you to summarize and analyze large sets of data with different dimensions and metrics. The cubes support complex queries and filters that are customizable on an ad hoc basis enabling you to slice and dice data in real-time. The cubes also support hyperlinking allowing you to navigate between the summary report and transaction details.

ETL Tools
ETL tools can aggregate and transform data from disparate systems into a single data store to provide a single consistent logical view of your data. Extelligence ETL tools allow you to leverage your existing investments in ERP and CRM solutions and extract valuable business intelligence.


Business Domains
Extelligence BI solutions are available for all industry verticals in the Manufacturing, Trading and Logistics domains.


Legacy ERPs
Extelligence can BI-enable your legacy systems..

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