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Extempiere WMS solutions help companies manage the movement and storage of materials in warehouses with improved efficiency and reduced costs. Extempiere provides increased visibility into storage utilization and operator efficiency, and automates routine tasks.

Inbound, Warehousing and Outbound Operations
Extempiere generates tasklists and alerts for directed warehouse operations. Some of the directed operations include:

  • Directed Putaway and Picking
  • Directed tasklists identify the exact storage locations that are required for a given warehouse operation and the travel sequence required to reach those locations.

  • Wave Planning
  • Wave planning is used to prioritize and group multiple related operations. This allows better adherence to your SLAs (Service Level Agreement) and greater customer satisfaction. Wave planning also reduces the movement of workers improving operational efficiency.

  • Replenishment
  • Replenishment alerts, tasklists and RFQs are auto-generated by Extempiere based on rules and criteria defined by you. Replenishment is key to ensuring that material inventory levels are maintained within defined thresholds avoiding stockouts and overstocks. Replenishment also ensures that your warehouses have maximum utilization.

Intelligent Rules Engine
A sophisticated rules engine is at the heart of Extempiere's automation and alerts mechanism. The rules engine has several standard pre-defined rules that can be customized to suit the unique needs of any warehouse or organization. Rules are evaluated considering storage and material attributes like dimension (height, width, length, weight) and storage type (refrigerated, inflammable, hazardous, etc.). The rules engine also considers customer profiles and shipment deadlines while evaluating the rules.

ERP Integration
Extempiere WMS is tightly integrated with Extempiere ERP allowing seamless integration of warehouse operations with accounting and production processes. Purchase, sales and inventory processes can be used to trigger the respective putaway, picking and replenishment tasklists or vice versa depending upon the needs of the organization.



Our Customers
Our customers run Extempiere ERP solutions in Textile Factories, Electronics Assemblies, Chemical Plants and Trade Organizations.


Extempiere solutions are live in Thailand, Dubai, Oman, Canada and several states of India.

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